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Strengthen Your Customer Service Record with Lytx

Innovation Spotlight

Damon Tofte, the Corporate Safety and Risk Manager for the 10,0000-vehicle fleet at Waste Connections, was on the line with a customer. “My neighbour said your driver hit my car when he drove down our street,” the customer claimed.

But footage from the Lytx DriveCam Event Recorder told a different story. When Tofte watched the video of the service on that street, the video clearly showed his driver did not come close to any cars. With proof in hand, Tofte could mail the video clip to the customer. Case closed.

With new technology developments, a whole new world is opening up to Lytx clients—one where “your word against mine” scenarios quickly are silenced. Instead, it’s “your word against my video,” where the truth can be much more obvious.

The benefits of Lytx video telematics solutions apply to commercial vehicles of all kinds. In trucking, if your driver is accused of cutting someone off and causing a collision, video from the vehicle’s rear-facing camera can quickly show what happened. In transit, if an altercation occurs on your bus, the video clip can show who instigated it, giving you context that can put an end to the finger-pointing. And in distribution, if a client asserts a delivery was mishandled, one glimpse at the video clip can prove it or deny it.

The Proof is in the Video

“We can literally go back in time” to show what happened, Tofte said. “A customer might call and say, ‘You missed my trash.’ But with the Lytx [Video Platform], we can go back, look at the video, and pinpoint the exact time when our driver serviced that house. It allows us to actually see that time frame and say, ‘We were at your house. You didn't have your trash out.’”

Lytx also helps protect Waste Connections against more serious claims that in the past may have led to litigation. Now, those scenarios don’t even get off the ground.

When customers claim an item has flown off a Waste Connections truck and shattered their windshield — as they have at least twice — Waste Connections can look at video from multiple camera angles and confirm that nothing blew off the back of the truck.

In verifying its level of service, Waste Connections protects its reputation and its drivers. “Reputation is very important to our business,” Tofte said. “We pride ourselves on the reputation we have within our industry and in the communities we serve. With that comes a responsibility to maintain that reputation.”

Bottom line? “When we have different scenarios that occur with our drivers, now we can take a deeper look into what occurred and all the data that goes along with that,” Tofte said. “We can get a bigger picture about what’s happening with our drivers on the streets.’”

That’s just the start of what Lytx can achieve for organisations. Whatever your industry, Lytx's video telematics solutions can help your company in much the same way it’s helping Waste Connections — by burnishing your service record and bolstering your organisation’s reputation.

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