Machine Vision + Artificial Intelligence: Technology Overview


What is Machine Vision & Artificial Intelligence technology? And how does it work? Get a quick overview of how the technology can surface patterns and why human intelligence is a big part of what makes it work precisely.

What do you get when you unite Machine Vision with Artificial intelligence? A super-powered technology that can help solve tough problems.

One looks through images and recognises specific objects, activities, or behaviours. The other interprets information and learns from it to achieve a specific goal -- Like detecting risky or distracted driving.

Imagine a driver on the phone behind the wheel.

While Machine Vision sees what’s happening, Artificial Intelligence understands what’s risky. Together, they can assess a situation and predict potential outcomes. All the while learning, improving, and becoming more sophisticated over time.

This combination can be incredibly powerful at identifying, analysing, and recognising patterns. But it can’t do this without high-quality data—and lots of it.

Subpar data creates inaccurate results...while high-quality data produces more precise results.

More importantly, this data needs to be accurately labeled, so the artificial intelligence can continually learn and know what to look for.

How does this happen? Humans.

Professionals with intelligence and context can label data as precisely as possible to account for a wide range of patterns, along with all their different variations.

Remember—not all Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence technologies are created equally.

Lytx takes technology, tons of high-quality data, and human analysts—all working together—to provide a view of fleet risk you can trust.

When done right, this frees up time for people like you to focus on what matters most…Keeping your drivers and fleet protected and your business running smoothly.

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Machine Vision + Artificial Intelligence: The Lytx Difference
Machine Vision + Artificial Intelligence: The Lytx Difference

A lot of companies claim to use dash cams with AI. What sets Lytx's MV+AI technology apart?

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