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How Lytx Can Help You Go Beyond DVS Compliance

Lytx and DVS

While Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliance is important, it is only a beginning. Beyond getting a safety permit, there is an opportunity to find more ways to improve safety, service, and efficiency in your fleet. London is leading the way in the global Vision Zero plan, with the goal of eliminating all deaths and serious injuries from the city's transport network by 2041. The DVS is an important part of this scheme, but it is just the start. By taking a proactive stance with video telematics, you can become a leader in safety, achieve a significant return on investment, and increase profitability.

Adding a video telematics system to the HGVs in your fleet can help you achieve Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Silver accreditation and comply with the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) standard as well. Vehicles that comply with either the FORS Silver standard or CLOCS are also compliant with the DVS Safe Standard.

Taking a few extra steps can increase the safety and operational efficiency of your fleet while opening doors to opportunity as many companies now require their suppliers to satisfy schemes such as FORS and CLOCS. There are many benefits to upgrading your HGVs with a smart dash cam, additional cameras, and video telematics. One can achieve not just compliance with these standards, but a sensible safety and productivity investment that can pay dividends for years to come.

The importance of a 360-degree view

FORS recommends adding a connected mobile digital video recorder (DVR) or video telematics system to your vehicles. A compliant DVR allows fleet operators to capture, investigate, and analyse information about road traffic collisions that result in damage or injury.

The Lytx® Video Platform, powered by the DriveCam® event recorder, provides drivers with visibility in and around the vehicle; up to 4 connected cameras provide 360-degree visibility. Eliminating blind spots with sensors and camera greatly reduces the likelihood of accidents and helps drivers contribute to the goals set forth in the Vision Zero and DVS schemes. Video clips captured by the system provide the evidence needed to understand what caused a collision or other incident when one occurs.

Keep your drivers alert and engaged

A distracted driver is an unsafe driver. Mobile phones, food and drink, smoking and other distractions can draw attention away from the road. In many cases, drivers are not even aware they are distracted. A person driving while talking on a mobile phone, even with a hands-free kit, misses half of what they are looking at without even realising it.

Making drivers aware of their performance is an important way to help keep them engaged and attentive. The Lytx Video Platform detects risky and distracted driving practices, such as mobile phone use and drivers who are un-belted. real-time, in-cab alerts notify drivers of high-risk behaviour, helping to keep  them alert, and bringing their attention back to the road.

Help drivers improve

When a driver engages in an unsafe practice, the event recorder automatically captures video of the road ahead and the vehicle interior, using machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) to identify the risky behaviour. MV + AI goes beyond traditional methods of identifying risky driving using accelerometers to detect G-force events. Although an accelerometer is useful for detecting hard starts or stops, it can’t determine when a driver is using a cell phone or hasn’t put on a safety belt. Automatically capturing video clips of risky in-cab behaviour provides insight that can’t be captured with other techniques.

Besides helping you see what is going on with your drivers, these video clips, available from a searchable online dashboard, are useful for coaching drivers, helping them to develop better habits. In this way, video telematics can be the cornerstone of a driver safety programme to improve driver performance by recognising and rewarding your safest drivers while training and developing those who stand to improve.

A successful safety programme requires cultural change and adoption across the entire company, making everyone a partner in safety – from executives to drivers. The Lytx Video Platform is just the start of a safety awareness campaign that drives improvements to safety throughout the fleet. We’ve created a wealth of resources to support our customers throughout the implementation process and beyond.

Protect your drivers

In the event that something goes wrong, you can easily find the exact clips you need, providing a faster way to learn exactly what happened. Video evidence provides a direct route to the truth of what happened. This reduces claim investigation costs, helps you respond confidently and quickly to claims, and helps to avoid the risk of fraudulent claims. Faster, more straightforward claim resolution saves time as well as helps reduce expenses such as legal fees. If your driver was not at fault, the right clip can exonerate the driver – and your company – protecting your driver and your reputation. Lytx smart dash cams provide up to 100 hours of video ensuring you have the evidence you need.

Improve service

Video telematics provides the data you need to help you consistently complete jobs or deliveries efficiently and effectively while meeting customers' needs and expectations. Maintaining strong customer relationships has become more and more important. Being able to prove service delivery, give real-time status arrival or delivery updates, or provide a reason why it didn't occur, is key to showing your commitment to a good customer experience. Gaining complete visibility into fleet operations is the best way to improve overall customer service efficiently, while saving cost.

See the whole picture

Understanding safety and managing risk benefits from a complete view into vehicles, drivers, behaviours, and external factors. The Vision Zero plan relies on safe driving practices, appropriate speeds, safe vehicles, and information sharing when a collision occurs. Knowing what is going on in and around the vehicles is the key to operating safely.

With a smart dashcam and connections to auxiliary cameras, you can see the whole picture. The Lytx Driver Safety Programme enables you to be your driver’s co-pilot in the cab. The coaching workflow provides you with the opportunity to continuously coach your drivers and reduce risky driving in your fleet. In summary, Lytx provides you and your drivers real-time 360-degree visibility into the vehicle and its environment to help you predict and reduce risky driving incidents, ensure drivers follow safety procedures, and exonerate your drivers if they are falsely accused. In other words, video telematics goes beyond DVS compliance by helping you increase safety and reduce operating costs while protecting your drivers and your reputation.

Contact Lytx or book a demo directly to discuss implementing video telematics to improve safety and your star rating.


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