Who – or What -- Does the Heavy Lifting to Improve CSA Scores?

CSA scores are just one tree in an enormous forest when it comes to driver safety, and while important to your business, focusing on CSA scores alone won’t do much to keep your drivers safe. That’s according to Lytx Director of Risk and Compliance Management Gary Johnson, who’s worked in commercial transportation safety for nearly three decades.

“Managing CSA scores can be a Sisyphean task, pushing the rock up the hill, only to have it slide down again,” said Johnson. “A lot of companies don’t realize that they’ll always be chasing violations and trying to meet standards that, because they’re peer-based, are a perpetually moving target.”

In Johnson’s experience, focusing on the broader benefits of safety, and long-term safety at that, will have a much better effect on CSA scores over the long run than just trying to address one or two problems in your fleet, like seat belts.

Johnson likened it to the difference between studying for a test or studying to acquire knowledge. “Fleets that are generally living a safety culture, prioritizing safety in all aspects of fleet operation, are going to have better CSA scores as a byproduct of that focus,” he said.

“Staying ahead of CSA scores by using all the tools in your safety toolbox can net tremendous effects,” he said. Johnson described one large for-hire trucking Lytx® client who started using the Lytx DriveCam™ program as a means to tackle an “Unsafe” score of 75, a number that was impacting their ability to both hire drivers and secure long-term contracts.

They maximized all the tools at their disposal, from video as an objective proof point of driving behavior to consistent coaching to recognition and reward programs. Within months, that client experienced a nearly 33 percent drop in their “Unsafe” score from 75 to 51 percent.

“These guys looked at the overall safety picture – not just the CSA score portion – and the entire organization benefited,” he said. Like other clients, Johnson noted, their collision rate dropped dramatically and the associated claims costs reduced. Using all their safety tools allowed them to see the forest, Johnson said, and not just the CSA tree.



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