A Quick Guide to Remote Coaching


remote driver coachingAlthough coaching drivers face-to-face is the primary method used by many companies, remote coaching can be a good alternative for fleets looking to keep their employees safe and productive – particularly during this period of change.


Lytx’s remote coaching feature lets coaches and drivers conduct sessions anywhere there is a cellular network connection. Using a connected computer or mobile device, a coach and driver can each log in wherever they are and review an event together over the phone. When schedules don’t allow for convenient times to get together, coaches can also choose to let their drivers independently review event videos and leave notes for their coaches to look at later. If either coach or driver is accessing video from a mobile device, using the updated Lytx user interface will ensure that pages are automatically adapted to smaller screen sizes.

Here are some tips for drivers and coaches who want to get the most out of their remote coaching sessions:



●    Review the event video clip in advance of the coaching session to refresh your memory of the event.


●    Identify what the key issues are and why the event video clip was marked for coaching.


●    You can use the Notes section to enter any insights about the event or questions you want to ask during your coaching session.

●    Check the driver’s schedule to make sure the session doesn’t occur while the driver is scheduled to be behind the wheel.


 ●    Use a “seek-to-understand” model for conducting coaching sessions to find common ground and get at root causes of behaviours. This approach can be useful for remote coaching when there isn’t body language to interpret.


●    After coaching the driver, enter any session notes and complete the session so it’s reflected in your coaching metrics.


It is worth noting that the same strategies that work well for face-to-face coaching can also apply to remote coaching. Here are some resources that can help with basic coaching techniques:


Lytx clients who want to set up the remote coaching feature should reach out to their Client Success Managers, who can help coordinate technical and training support to get the feature up and running. For clients who have already enabled the feature, this article in the Lytx Support Centre provides a quick refresher. The article also includes the following resources available for download:

  • A job aid for drivers showing them step-by-step how to access and review events
  • A checklist for drivers for what they can to before, during, and after a remote coaching session
  • A guide to understanding the driver profile


Lytx’s Client Success Team is also ready to provide any additional support or answer any questions about remote coaching. We’re here to help.

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